Daniele and Laura are two Italian musicians met in The Netherlands, at the The Institute of Sonology in The Hague, where they started a collaborative project based on Laura’s saxophone playing and Daniele’s experience as producer and sound engineer.

The duo explores the boundaries between electronic and acoustic domains, interchanges roles and searches for new ways of interactions that challenge electroacoustic music’s stereotypes.

Their repertoire combines the emotional power of melody with soundscapes that evokes the most experimental ambient music and finds a balance between gestures and abstraction, density and rarefaction, noise and lyricism.

Their live performances are based on real-time processing and spatialisation of sax’s sound, using digital devices coded by Fabris himself to mold, sculpt and generate original sonorities. Despite her classical background, Laura’s playing is inspired by free improvisation and involves different extended techniques.

Currently working on their first studio albumĀ