Daniele and Laura are two Italian musicians that met in The Netherlands, at the The Institute of Sonology in The Hague. The project is focused on exploring the boundaries and interconnections between electronic and acoustic instrumental music, challenging common stereotypes of electroacoustic music and searching for new ways of instruments’ interactions that push beyond sound expressions.
As a duo they combine Laura’s saxophone classical background and free improvisation with Daniele’s experience as a composer researcher and creative coder.
Their performative and compositional methods explores how the sound of a traditional acoustic instrument can be recontextualize through interaction with digital algorithms for real-time sound processing.

Riflessi is a 4-tracks-EP documenting the results of the early improvisations from the collaboration between Laura’s saxophone and Daniele’s algorithms. Inspired by Musique Concrète and Computer Music, their repertoire combines the emotional power of melody with soundscapes evocative of experimental ambient music and balanced between gestures and abstraction, density and rarefaction, noise and lyricism. 
The title Riflessi, Italian word for “reflexes”, stresses the collaborative quality of this work: on one hand, it stands as a visual metaphor of a an acoustic sound’s multiple transformations and on the other hand, it describes the more interactive and muscular side of music which finds its origins into a live electronics practice.

released June 17, 2021

Release on CD by Stellage RED series:

List of concert:

  • 18/02/2023 @ SVITAVA Transmedia Art Lab – Brno (CZ) LINK 
  • 17/02/2023 @ A4 astvorka – Bratislava (SK)  LINK 
  • 30/12/2022 @ Dancity Festival – Foligno (IT) – LINK 
  • 16/11/2022 @ Fifty Lab Festival – Bruxelles (BE) – LINK 
  • 7/10/2022 @ Robot Festival – Bologna (IT) – LINK 
  • 11/09/2021 @ Gaudeamus Festival – TivoliVredenburg – Utrecht (NL) LINK 
  • 17/06/2021 @ Tank – Bologna (IT)  LINK 
  • 21/05/2018 @ STEIM -Rear Ear I, Amsterdam (NL) LINK 
  • 27/03/2018 @ The Royal Conservatory – CASS, The Hague (NL)