Daniele Fabris (1993)

is a sound designer dealing with computer music, the coding of digital tools for electronic musicians and the design of spatial sounds for multimedia productions.
He combines creative and technical expertise to develop immersive audio experiences and research human computer interactions.
His works investigate themes and digital techniques related to audio spatialisation, sound synthesis and musical instruments design, intersecting collaborations in the creative process with multidisciplinary researchers.

He pursued a BA and MA with highest distinction in Electroacoustic Music Composition and Multimedia Technologies from the Conservatory “A. Pedrollo” of Vicenza (IT). His formal education includes studies at the Sonology Institute of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague (NL).

He’s been composing and playing live electronics music since 2009, performing around Europe with PHINX, LEDEN, Ekat Bork and Laura Agnusdei. Former member of the STEIM research group, Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music in Amsterdam (NL), intern at SPAES and MONOM in Berlin (DE). Resident sound engineer and sound designer at the Bunkr Lab. Researcher and developer for Umanesimo Artificiale and Intorno Labs . Co-founder of Outer Fields. Releasing music and digital tools at Hide Productions. Freelance sound designer, artistic consultant and instruments developer for other artists and companies.

He considers himself a maker and explorer, who acts by researching and designing alternative scenarios, with the aim of triggering awareness of digital technologies, creative processes and sound perceptions.

Daniele Fabris è un designer sonoro che si occupa di informatica musicale e progetti multimediali, combinando competenze tecniche e creative per sviluppare esperienze audio immersive. La sua attività riguarda la progettazione di sistemi digitali per l’elaborazione di segnali audio in tempo reale, il sound design e lo sviluppo di contenuti e ambienti per performance e installazioni multimediali.

Si forma tra il Conservatorio di Vicenza (IT) e l’Institute of Sonology de L’Aia. Collabora con il centro di ricerca STEIM ad Amsterdam, SPAES Lab e Monom a Berlino, INTORNO Labs a Barcellona, EMS di Stoccolma, operando in diversi collettivi tra cui Umanesimo Artificiale, Outer Fields e Hide Productions.
Si considera un ricercatore ed esploratore che agisce progettando scenari alternativi, con l’obiettivo di innescare consapevolezza sulle tecnologie digitali, i processi creativi e le percezioni sonore.



LEDEN is a project by Daniele Fabris, a system to explore sound as a multisensorial phenomenon, investigating themes and techniques related to algorithmic music, to create immersive performances and installations. Daniele, as a sonic artist, conceives electronic instrument design as an intrinsic part of his creative process. His approach traces back the heuristic element of real-time sonic exploration, to express the poietic act of discovering new paths of human-machine interactions. Through themes of becoming, unfolding, and interconnectedness his work invites audiences to step outside the traditional object-centric art experience and focus into a pluralistic vision based on a processual approach.