Granular Synthesis is a method by which sounds are broken into tiny grains which are then redistributed and reorganised to form other sounds.
GRAIM NOISE is a spatial instrument based on a self-retriggered algorithm of granular synthesis.
A virtual synthesiser based on a polyphony of eight voices using filtered noise or an oscillator with variable wave shapes as main source.
Supplied with a delay effect and an overdrive implementing the harmonic and geometric series. 
Each voice is evenly self-spatialised into an integrated multichannel audio-rate system and its spatial movement is correlated to the grain’s length.
The software instrument provides additional modulation over the location and movement of the synthesised sound in the virtual aural space.
Implemented in Max/MSP/Gen/Mc.

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Inspired by Carmine Emanuele Cella

Towards a new method of sounds organisation and distribution. An algorithm designed to enhance, augment and reorganise our perceptive dimension and interpretation of time and space, highlighting a deeper insight within a processual approach. The core engine recycles energy to power the process, reshapes raw material as a main source and dislocates the output. Each particle generated is like an autonomous individual who freely express themself. 
Grouped together they become components of a network that organises itself, via the feedback around the system. This project aims to stimulate a more attentive and deeper listening to unlock new visions, experiences and expressions, thus leading to an improvement of the relationship quality between listeners and artificial environments.

A collection of improvised sound streams created using GraimNoise. “quick-recorded” during improvisation sessions, beta testing the device.
 It’s a dialogue with a machine, trying to fix each other’s problems.