Oscilla is a performative project, developed with the dancer Simone Arganini and the visual designer Amerigo Piana.

The performance experiments techniques of human-machine interaction and digital light and sound orchestration through space in an immersive environment. Through an interactive experience the human gains the machine’s trust, and through audio-visual distribution in space the algorithm gains multidimensional expression by stepping out from the ether. Both entities push beyond their expressions. The system developed for this performance is based on a synesthetic system composed of wearable sensors that capture stimulus from the human presence; a complex algorithm learns and decodes data to react, generating sounds and distributing them in an immersive system in correlation with the human interaction.

This transmedia project is a profound exploration into the aesthetics and languages emerging from the digital reality. It investigates the subtleties of identity, corporeality, and perception, originating from a desire to rediscover interactions with the environments and our bodies.
Oscilla draws parallels between scientific and artistic research, framing them as mutual interactions among humans, machines, and the non-human world. In this context, technology is perceived as the active human interface with the material world.
This perspective serves as a crucial element in engaging with dialogues beyond our species, including other life forms, computational systems, mechanical apparatuses, and natural forces.
As artists, we embody this understanding in our creative research and share it through a dynamic performance that seamlessly integrates technology and art to delve into the possibilities of connections and interactions with artificial entities combining dance, cybernetics, computer music, and interactive light design in an immersive experience.
The first study of this project has been produced during a residency at Ferrara OFF theater in Ferrara (IT) and it’s going to be presented during Ammutinamenti Festival in Ravenna (IT), Smart Life Festival in Modena (IT), Teatro Gioco Vita in Piacenza (IT), Pim Off and Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan (IT).