“Sounds from the Earth crushed with machines for human beings” Phinx’ s project was launched in 2007. The group is formed by Francesco Fabris (production, voice, guitar, synths, piano), Pietro Secco (bass, synths), Alberto Paolini (drums, percussions) and Daniele Fabris (synths, sequencers, samplers).

The band, right in its first year of live activity won the First Italian MySpace Contest and released “Bunker”, a self- produced seven pieces demo which takes its name from the original recording studio used since the beginning of its musical production.

By the year 2010 Phinx’s debut album “Login” is completed and published by “Irma Records” from Bologna. From then on the band embarked on a prolonged series of live concerts and acoustic performances (more than one hundred and fifty dates effected throughout Italy and abroad) in rock clubs, public events and music festivals, playing often side by side with well-known names as A Place to Bury Strangers, Kap Bambino, Beady Eye, Alex Metric, Congorock, Roy Paci & Aretuska, Mgz, Ministri, Verdena, Motel Connection.

The band’s first single, “The Gamer” , whose related video won a special prize at 2010 P.I.V.I contest by MEI (national meeting of independent labels), was aired in many radios and independent networks.

The following single, “Italian Job”, was picked up as “single of the week” by ITunes and played in more than 150 Italian and foreign radios”. Their self-made, no-budget, recorded in the band’s home garden related video has been routinely shown on Deejay TV, Rock TV, Music Box Italia 2 and MTV with New Generation music channel and American Iggy platform, designed to promote the most interesting international artists.

The year 2011 marks another remarkable step in the band’s intense activity; a new artistic project is launched in co- operation with the Roman choreographer Michele Mastroianni and his four fellow dancers ensemble. The resulting enchanting performance, based on live music, dancing, light design and visual projections, named “A Wall Door”, has been staged with great success at the Bolzano Dance Festival, at the Teatro Comunale di Vicenza and lately at the Olimpico Theatre in Rome.

After a year and a half spent touring a lot to promote their “Login” album, Phinx decided to pause and work in their studio for a full six-months period, wholly devoted to create a new production, very much different from their earlier produce: a new album called ”Hòltzar”. Hòltzar” (trunks/trees) is a noun deriving from the old Cimbrian language. Bearing this name, Phinx’s latest album was artistically conceived in a mountain retreat and later produced recorded and mixed in the band’s project studio.

It reveals and underlying intense study of sound effects and details, coupled with an electronic soundscape full of pervasive elements from the real world and deft use of musical instruments, both of western and oriental origin. The album also features artistic contributions from Ekat Bork, Bologna Violenta, Reanimation Squad, Martino Cuman and Spano.

Hòltzar” was released in April 2013 to wide and enthusiastic acclaim from the relevant music reviewers. Since then the band has embarked on a series of live concerts which led Phinx to play in several locations in Italy, plus other venues in Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

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