Future Ceiling is an audio-visual interactive system designed, developed and installed with Amerigo Piana for the Sixty Ink space in Los Angeles. It’s an immersive installation where visitors can experience journeys through sound and light environments.

Sixty Ink LA is a unique space that combines the artistic expression of tattooing with an immersive audio-visual experience, creating a new and innovative way to engage with tattoo art.
Our vision was to create an immersive room featuring a ceiling covered by controllable strip LED and a matrix of audio speakers, offering a multi-sensory experience.
This installation utilizes dedicated software for spatial audio control and an immersive sound system allowing to manage sound movements, positions, and perceptive features accurately within the speaker array. The LED strips covers the ceiling of the entire room, and each LED on the strip is addressable, allowing for the control and automation of all the lights in the room through a custom software, opening up a variety of light designs and sound visualizations.
SixtyLA is not just a tattoo boutique but also an AV installation, providing a space dedicated to body-mind experiences, offering an exceptional multi-dimensional experience and a collaborative space that invites tattoo artists, sound artists, and light designers to design and create incredible experiences and dreamy scenarios.