An archaic vision of sonic ingredients.
It’s Leden new album, a sound research immersed deeply on the timbre’s density, forwarding an idea of musical phenomenon as an event rather than as an object.
Organic concatenation of unstable sound materials, interacting with human designed algorithms.
It remains enigmatic for its double – human and worldy – origin, in a state of tension without resolution. 
It’s LEDEN manifesto, a bridge for alternative perspectives, dimensions and expressions.


“LEDEN is a project by Daniele Fabris, developed between the research lab GRAIM (Vicenza) and STEIM (Amsterdam).
Is a project to explore sound as a multisensorial phenomenon, investigating themes and techniques related to computer music, sound synthesis and live electronics production, to design alternative scenarios and trigger awareness about art, technology and perceptions.
Daniele, as a sonic artist and composer researcher, conceives electronic instrument design as an intrinsic part of his creative process. 
His approach traces back the heuristic element of real-time sonic exploration, to express the poietic act of discovering new paths of human-machine interactions.”

TENPO credits:
Released March 29, 2021 by HIDE PRODUCTIONS

Produced by Daniele Fabris (LEDEN) 2017/20
Master by Giacomo Bistro (No-oN)
Graphics by Alex Ortiga (SY/IN)

thanks to:
GRAIM Vicenza, STEIM Amsterdam, Fabris crew, Antonio Prugno Siniscalchi, Giacomo Ceschi, Laura Agnusdei, Rob Shuttz, Lorenzo Pagliei.

Dedicated to Marta