November 3rd 2018 – This year STEIM has been invited by Eye to participate in the Amsterdam Museum Night.
On the occasion, these special controllers have been developed at STEIM. With these instruments, the audience can play electronic music and experience it together in the spatial sound reproduction of The Pentacle 15.3, an original multichannel system developed by Fedde ten Berge.
The rules for this music are pre-established and controlled so that there is always a connection between the different musical layers. These musical layers have been specially developed for the spatial representations of The Pentacle. 

Controller concept and design: Fedde ten Berge

Electronics and software: Michaele Abolaffio and Fedde ten Berge

Rhythm software: Andreas Tegnander

Software for melody: Daniele Fabris

Software for chaotic oscillations and spherical continuous sounds: Fedde ten Berge